If you are a fan of WWE, you have to play WWE Mayhem (MOD Unlimited Money) now! WWE is a wrestling performance famous in the world. In it, the wrestlers fight each other very fierce that not follow a rule at all. Sometimes the wrestlers get out of the arena and also use items such as tables, chairs, ladders to smash opponent’s head. However, the truth is that these games are written in scripts, which means that they are the performances. Even as the performances, WWE still gives the viewer a thrilling, dramatic sensation. So it makes the viewers feel like watching a long action movie.

Getting ideas from WWE, Reliance Big Entertainment has developed and released WWE Mayhem, the latest awesome fighting game in their series. Previously, Reliance Big Entertainment was also known for producing fighting games only, and all of its high-quality products, including such names as Real Steel. Ultimate Robot Fighting and Super Pixel Heroes.

Gameplay Fighting

WWE Mayhem has quite similar gameplay to previous games. In which players will be involved in the battles 1vs1 in the arena, fight and win to aim for the championship of the WWE. Character control is designed in the Touch & Sweep style, meaning that players only need to perform simple actions such as touching and swiping the screen to control their character to attack, defend and execute excellent skills. The skills of the characters are not the same, each character has a unique set of skills, not duplicate.

Click on the right side of the screen to attack

.Swipe right to attack stronger
.Swipe right and hold to perform skill
.Click on the left to defend

At the bottom of the screen, there is a power bar, by attacking, you will make the energy bar filled. At this point, you can use the special skills of the character to finish the opponent. To win, only use the skills as guidance is not enough. You also have to know how to combine them to form a continuous combo, prevent opponents from attack, or you will be beaten in a flash.

Besides, in Versus mode you can build your own team and challenge your friends. It will be a fun game that will make you and your friends excited.

Arcade Graphics

WWE Mayhem gameplay
Regarding graphics, WWE Mayhem has created an excellent appeal for gamers when it comes to choosing their Arcade style. This is a fun styling design, simplifying the details and just keep the characteristics of each character in the game only. But do not worry, you can still recognize your idols thanks to your unique details.

The great graphics of this game transform the fierce characters, the dangerous punches in the real-life punches into something easy to accept and fun. So the game does not limit the age too much.

WWE MAYHEM Mod Features

1.Unlimited Gold/Cash

Requires Android: 4.4 and Up



NOTE-: Watch full Video Before Downloading the Game.


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