Archero Mod Apk 2.0.0 Unlimited Money, Gems 2020

Description of Archero (Archer Heroes) Game for Android

Archero is an action-packed shooting game where you have to battle, survive, defeat using the best of best invincible weapons. From the developer habby, you are just going to experience epic battle into the arena of death from where only the legends can survive. Though the enemy is strong, your power and tactics make you more powerful than them.

Enter a world where existence itself is eliminated you! You are the Lone Archer, the only force able to resist and defeat the oncoming waves of evil.
Step up, stack up awesome skills and fight like your life depends on it, for the never-ending waves of enemies will never give up. And remember, once you die… the only way is to start all again! So be careful!

Enjoy creating countless combinations of unique skills all designed to help you survive. Crawl your way through different worlds facing relentless monsters and obstacles.

How to Play?

  1. Move with the joystick, enter the next room.
  2. Release joystick, stand still to fire at enemies.
  3. Go around obstacles, and defeat enemies.
  4. Collect gold coins by killing the enemies.
  5. After a successful mission, you can upgrade the ability: Death Nova, Attack Speed Boost, or something better than this.

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